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About Us

I've been wanting to add this post for awhile now but I honestly battle with "the right" words to say because I feel like no words can truly describe our friendship. Let me start by saying this beautiful face next to mine is Grace Abigail Seward. Grace and I met growing up in Friendship Missionary Baptist Church as kids and been attached at the hip since! We used to call ourselves "DivasnDiapers" even though we never saw each other as a baby, you couldn't convince us that we hadn't. Grace was literally my best friend, counselor and sister all in one. We had some of the funniest times, got in some of the worst trouble but we made the best memories that I'll cherish with me forever. Grace's life was cut short due to gun violence just four days before my twenty-fifth birthday. Instead of dreading my birthday coming every year I decided to turn that negative energy into positivity. In honor of her I created NIINE09. NIINE09 is a representation of September 9th which was the day Grace was born. Grace and I both loved to dress which is why I created this women's boutique. If you knew Grace she never wore any of these girly looking clothes LOL which is why I plan to create an entire "Grace collection" full of potential clothes I know Grace would of rocked. Stay with me loves because the Grace Collection is coming soon!